The new update of GB WhatsApp version 20.50 has just been released, and it is functioning flawlessly. This version is now working smoothly and allowing users to connect without any issues, making it easy to use GB WhatsApp as before. In this article, we will guide you through the process of downloading and installing this new update and how to mirror your WhatsApp account.

Updating to GB WhatsApp Version 20.50:

To update to the latest version of GB WhatsApp, simply click on the provided link in the description or the pinned first comment. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the website where you can find information about the new features and improvements of this update. One of the key fixes in this version is the resolution of connection problems on certain devices, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

Downloading and Installing GB WhatsApp:

Scroll down to find the download link and click on it to start the download process. Once the download is complete, you can install GB WhatsApp by following the on-screen instructions. Make sure to grant all necessary permissions during the installation process. After installation, open GB WhatsApp and log in with your WhatsApp official account.

Mirror your WhatsApp Account:

To mirror your account, go to the three dots menu and select “Connected devices”. Click on “Connect a device” to scan the QR code with your WhatsApp official account. Follow the prompts to complete the mirroring process as quickly as possible for successful connection.

Final Thoughts:

The new version of GB WhatsApp 20.50 is now ready for use with improved connectivity and features. Remember to avoid switching to dark mode to prevent any disconnections or issues with mirroring. For more updates and tips on GB WhatsApp, follow me on Instagram at Dicas do Moura. Enjoy using the latest version of GB WhatsApp and stay tuned for more content in the future!

Finally Back! WhatsApp GB Working (New GB WhatsApp Update)


The popular modded version of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, is back in action with the latest update. Users can now enjoy all the amazing features of this third-party app without any interruptions. Let’s dive into the new updates and improvements brought by this version of GB WhatsApp.

Features of GB WhatsApp

Customization Options

One of the main reasons why users opt for GB WhatsApp is the wide range of customization options it offers. From changing the theme of the app to customizing the chat screen, users have full control over the look and feel of their WhatsApp experience.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

GB WhatsApp also provides additional privacy settings that are not available in the official WhatsApp app. Users can hide their online status, blue ticks, and even their typing status from specific contacts or altogether.

Expanded Media Sharing Limits

Unlike the official WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp allows users to share larger files such as videos, images, and documents without any restrictions. This feature comes in handy when sharing high-quality media files with friends and family.

In-Built Anti-Ban Feature

One of the concerns with using third-party apps like GB WhatsApp is the risk of getting banned from the platform. However, this latest version comes with an in-built anti-ban feature that ensures users can use the app without any worries.

How to Update GB WhatsApp

If you already have GB WhatsApp installed on your device, updating to the latest version is a breeze. Simply go to the official GB WhatsApp website and download the new APK file. Install the update following the on-screen instructions and enjoy the new features.

For new users, you can download the latest version of GB WhatsApp from the official website or trusted sources. Make sure to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in your device settings before installing GB WhatsApp.

The Future of GB WhatsApp

With the re-launch of GB WhatsApp and the new updates, users can expect even more exciting features in the future. The developers behind GB WhatsApp are constantly working on improving the app and providing users with a unique WhatsApp experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements to GB WhatsApp as it continues to evolve and cater to the needs of its users. Download the latest version now and enjoy all the benefits of this popular modded version of WhatsApp.

Keep an eye out for any announcements or new releases from the GB WhatsApp team, as they are dedicated to providing users with a seamless and customized messaging experience.

In conclusion, the return of GB WhatsApp marks a new chapter in the modded WhatsApp community. With its enhanced features and customization options, users can enjoy a unique messaging experience that goes beyond the limitations of the official app. Make sure to update to the latest version of GB WhatsApp and explore all the exciting new updates it has to offer.

Stay connected, stay updated, with GB WhatsApp by your side!

Finally Back! WhatsApp GB Working (New GB WhatsApp Update)

After a period of uncertainty, WhatsApp GB is back and working smoothly with the latest update! Users can now enjoy all the features that made this modded version of the popular messaging app so popular, such as customizable themes, enhanced privacy settings, and increased file sharing limits. With this new update, users can experience a seamless messaging experience without any interruptions.

Features of the New Update

The latest update of WhatsApp GB brings a host of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Some of the key features include improved security measures to protect user data, new customization options to personalize the app interface, and increased stability and performance. With these new enhancements, users can enjoy a more reliable and enjoyable messaging experience on WhatsApp GB.


In conclusion, the return of WhatsApp GB with the new update brings exciting new features and improvements that make it a must-have for users looking for a customized and enhanced messaging experience. With enhanced security, customization options, and performance improvements, WhatsApp GB is once again a top choice for users seeking a modded version of the popular messaging app.

Source: Youtube Video of Channel Dicas do Moura.